Who We Are

Blue Force® Communications is a global communication, public affairs, public relations, management and geopolitical consulting agency that empowers governments, the U.S. military, corporations, and ambitious individuals to succeed in a century of rapid change, increasing interconnectivity, disruptive  technologies, and financial risk.

What We Do

We leverage and deploy resources worldwide to tackle communication, management, operational, and policy-related challenges in business, government, political and foreign affairs. Blue Force® incorporates cutting-edge thinking and tactics into all of our designs to deliver top-of-the-line products, services, and solutions.

Our Mission

Blue Force® helps domestic and foreign clients develop multicultural situational awareness, communicate effectively, mitigate or eliminate threats, and exploit opportunities. Wprovide quality, value, and a sustainable competitive advantage no matter what the challenge or where in the world. We operationalize success.

Blue Force's work currently spans 3 CONTINENTS , where we plan, manage, and lead integrated communication, public affairs, marketing, analysis, training and capacity building

programs in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our subject matter experts provide client-focused solutions in over 15 languages, including:



















We SOLVE complex problems in CHALLENGING locations 


Our clients are attracted to us due to our


From the boardroom to the battlefield, Blue Force® has provided feasible, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for complex problems facing governments, corporations, and non-profits struggling with the challenges of a 21st century, uber-dynamic, real-time information environment.

Strategic & Tactical

Blue Force® uses fact-based information to develop programs about matters that matter to government, the U.S. military, corporations and the public, in order to mitigate threats, exploit opportunities, influence behavior, and garner sustainable and measurable results.


We develop communication plans at the strategic, operational and tactical levels, proactively working with traditional and digital news media, in order to effectively push out and multiply fact-based and timely messages to target local, regional, and global audiences.

Crisis & Issues 


When encountering a crisis, most managers take down the sails, batten the hatches and hope to wait out the storm. Not Blue Force. Our issues management, organizational reputation, and rapid response capabilities help clients see crises as opportunities.

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Public Affairs & Public Relations services.
Program & Project Management

Blue Force® plans, executes, and manages multi-pronged information campaigns, training, and capacity building programs around the world that support aerospace & defense, counter-terrorism, foreign affairs, energy, financial services, healthcare, and much more.

Stability & Security Operations

Our operational experts and analysts have provided traditional and irregular warfare support,  post-conflict stability services, and managed programs for the U.S. military, NATO and allied forces in conflict zones including Libya, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Media Monitoring, Measuring & Analysis

Through our near-real time media monitoring services and customized integrated media analyses that measure message dissemination and impact in multiple languages, we provide clients with the information they need to not just get ahead of the curve, but shape it.

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Planning & Support services.
Political & Foreign
Affairs Consulting

Blue Force's team consists of former Capitol Hill and National Security Council staff, journalists, diplomats, military personnel; graphic designers, project managers, and edge thinkers in the business world, who provide expert insight into local, regional, and global challenges. 


From education initiatives and sustainable development public affairs campaigns, to grassroots organizing, we know how to cut through the noise to work effectively with civil society, thought-leaders, local and national government to drive conversations about important issues.



We're not lobbyists, but we know how to get to the right people because of our time-tested and trustworthy relationships. Our team works tirelessly to maintain and expand them, while adhering to the highest professional, legal, and ethnical standards at all times.

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Our team consists of more than 50 highly experienced subject matter experts and leaders from aerospace and defense, diplomacy, education, finance, government, healthcare, journalism, marketing, media, national security, politics, public relations, sustainable development, and visual design.

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