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Designing multi-channel public affairs campaigns, rapidly responding to unfolding crises often in difficult and austere environments, measuring strategic effects, and leading information outreach programs in the developed and developing worlds require an integrative and interdisciplinary approach, unbridled by the boundaries of expected thinking.


Blue Force combines the talents of some of the brightest and best strategic thinkers, military analysts, intelligence and data analysts, project and program managers, marketing and advertising professionals, graphic and visual designers, writers, political and geopolitical specialists.

Blue Force follows the principles of the highest global standard

for quality management, the ISO 9000, which include:

1. Customer Focus

2. Leadership

3. Involvement of People

4. The Process Approach

8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship

7. Factual Approach to Decision Making

6. Continual Improvement

5. A Systems Approach to Managment


Our values, knowledge, skills, and abilities are accurately described as a “blue force” – a term that has been borrowed from military and defense jargon, where the color blue is used to describe and symbolize a friendly force.  More specifically, Blue Force Tracking is a U.S. military term for a GPS-enabled device that provides commanders with location information about friendly (and not-so-friendly!) forces, giving them a significant competitive advantage on the battlefield. 

Blue Force Communications has been a friendly force to reckon with since 2010, when we first opened our doors and helped hundreds of corporate executives, political leaders, military planners, businesses and government agencies thrive in their missions.

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