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Situation &

Crisis Management

Public Affairs &

Public Relations

Public Affairs & Public Relations, or "PR," are technically two separate knowledge areas, & Blue Force excels at delivering both.

Whether the challenge is helping the U.S. government disrupt terrorist networks and protect our military forces overseas, or assist a major corporation overcome an image crisis, Blue Force always delivers top-of-the-line, measurable results.


Pushing credible, fact-based information garnered from "big data" and other forms of analysis to key audiences and influencers in a timely manner is critical to organizational messaging, image building, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Our strategists, creative experts, intelligence and media analysts develop scalable messaging campaigns and integrated communication plans that lead to building effective alliances and creating a positive image with local, regional, national, and global audiences and markets.

Blue Force's Public Affairs and Public Relations services include:

Strategic & Tactical

We use fact-based information to develop programs about matters that matter to governments, corporations, small business and the public, in order to mitigate threats, exploit opportunities, influence behavior, and garner sustainable and measurable results.


Digital connectivity and the rise of e-commerce have shifted customer expectations. To help meet buyer demands, Blue Force uses integrated marketing strategies and brand development tactics to assist with building trusted relationships with consumers.


We develop communication plans at the strategic, operational and tactical levels, proactively working with traditional and digital news media, in order to effectively push out and multiply fact-based and timely messages to target local, regional, and global audiences.

Writing &

Editing Services

Using the traditional arts of narrative and persuasion, our social media and digital experts, ghostwriters, international newspaper and magazine columnists, former government speechwriters and spokespersons create meaningful and impactful stories of great consequence. 

Video Production

& Post-Production

Event Production

Blue Force creates high-definition video content for websites, blogs, broadcast productions, public service announcements, and live streaming. We translate client ideas and concepts, designing storyboards, writing scripts, shooting on location and in our studio.

We plan and manage seamless events for government, corporate, and non-profit clients that secure press coverage and reach thousands of followers, fans, viewers, and supporters. From grand-scale galas to low-key private affairs, we pull of flawless celebrations each and every time.

Graphic &

Interactive Design

Crisis & Issues 


When encountering a crisis, most managers take down the sails, batten the hatches and hope to wait out the storm. Not Blue Force. Our issues management, organizational reputation, and rapid response capabilities help clients see crises as opportunities.

Web & Mobile

App Designs

We design, create content for and manage multi-language websites, complete with Blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook and more, as well as mobile apps for clients who understand the need for a robust presence on the Internet and need to communicate in real-time.

Social Media Development

Real-time interaction with the public is important for effectively being heard and seen. We create original content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more social media sites, managing feeds in dozens of languages to keep our clients connected to the global marketspace. 

Our experts in interactive design, coding, typography, illustration, and photography combine text and imagery to turn messages, data, and ideas into stunning visual representations that attract, educate, and motivate audiences. 

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