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Operational Planning & Support

Blue Force actively supports the U.S. government, its military, & its allies across the globe in information warfare, capacity building, language training & more.

A good idea without a coherent and articulated plan is just that – an idea. At Blue Force, we use the latest state-of-the-art analytical platforms and “big data” technologies to turn worthwhile ideas into actionable and operational strategies. Our team knows how to get in front of events and see issues before they become problems.

Through our technology enabled services and mission support, we continuously identify risks and exploit opportunities. Blue Force builds capacity in government agencies, helps train security services, deploys linguists, and leverages the knowledge, skills, and abilities of award-winning strategists, scientists, engineers, statisticians, and cultural experts to help public institutions and private corporations succeed in their mission, no matter where in the world or time of day.

Blue Force's Operational Planning and Support services include:

Program & Project Management

We plan, execute, and manage multi-pronged information campaigns, training, and capacity building programs around the world that support aerospace & defense, counter-terrorism, foreign affairs, education, energy, financial services, healthcare, and much more.

Evaluations &

We know how to size up a situation, understand the inputs and moving parts, leverage intelligence and open-source information to create actionable and operational strategies. We conduct human terrain analysis, opinion polling, focus groups, and audience research.

Stability & Security Operations

Our operational experts and analysts have provided traditional and irregular warfare support,  post-conflict stability services, and managed programs for the U.S. military, NATO and allied forces in conflict zones including Libya, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Foreign Translation & Interpretation

你需要用阿拉伯语翻译吗?Non parli italiano? क्या आप हिंदी बोलते हैं?  Don't worry, Blue Force has you covered!  Our team of professional, foreign linguists speak over 15 languages & have a certification in at least Interagency Language Roundtable Level 4 in English.

Media Monitoring, Measuring & Analysis

Through our near-real time media monitoring services and customized integrated media analyses that measure message dissemination and impact in multiple languages, we provide clients with the information they need to not just get ahead of the curve, but shape it.

Security Due


Understanding vulnerabilities and threats - physical, financial, and virtual - are necessary for effective planning. Foreign country security briefings, reports, and due diligence services are provided to individuals traveling and businesses opening an office overseas.



Used by businesses and professionals working in the defense, threat finance, counter- and anti- terrorism fields, our political risk analyses, issues- and scenario-based planning, and corporate competitive intelligence helps to effectively forecast and eliminate risk.

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